Deer Lodge Mental Health Facility, Killarney

The new 40 bed residential mental health unit developed by Reddy A+U creates a new benchmark in Mental Health Facilities in Ireland. It comprises four ten-bedroomed “households” with one serving also as a rehabilitation unit. It also includes a communal central module and a District Main Kitchen which serves the wider Killarney Residential Services and community “Meals on Wheels”. The communal module includes therapy areas, a foyer/café, a prayer room and staff facilities.

The project provides quality accommodation and continuing care for older people with challenging behaviour or dementia. The space is designed for older people with higher dependency of physical care needs and for all adults with sever enduring mental illness.

Each household is designed to the Teaghlach (household) model of care based on resident-centred, and ultimately resident-directed, care. The building is designed to be non-institutional in nature where the focus is on the promotion of emotional wellbeing. The facility allows residents to receive ongoing care services in a setting which encourages them to live to their fullest, enjoying social, psychological, and spiritual aspects of life and meaningful connections with others while receiving all the physical care that they require.

Each household features integrated social spaces, private landscaped courtyards and therapy spaces. The rehabilitation module features therapy rooms, a therapy courtyard, a training kitchen and a patient laundry where the rehabilitation program is primarily focused on occupational therapy. The building caters for medium to long-term stays.

The design and delivery were undertaken to the highest standard including BIM Level 2 which will help the management of facility through the extensive O&M manuals.

Mary G. O’Mahony (Area Director of Nursing, Kerry Mental Health Services) said:

“It is very uplifting to see a building of this finish in Kerry for the purpose of providing a service to those individuals who require it in the area of mental health. This facility will undoubtedly provide an environment conducive to the therapeutic process for both those receiving a service and those providing the service.

I wish to sincerely thank and acknowledge the work of all those involved with the Project Group and I think it is fair to say that the end result is testament to the collaborative partnership that has existed”

  • Area

    4,000 m² (43,055 ft²)

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