Éirigh, IMMA, Kilmainham, Dublin

A considered response to a challenging brief, the Éirigh Pavilion is a unique, site-specific collaboration that brings together art, architecture, creativity, and construction. It represents a place where people can gather to talk, to listen, to learn and to take decisive action for the future of our planet.  

This pavilion was designed and built as a central installation for the Earth Rising Eco Art Festival at the Irish Museum of Modem Art. Constructed from timber and a simple lattice of organic material, It was positioned at the heart of the festival to be an inspiring example of sustainable construction and interdisciplinary achievement.

The title Éirigh means “arise” and reflects the fact that we must all engage in the climate debate and not leave it to others. As architects, urban designers, and builders, we are always acutely aware of the importance of teamwork. It is the very essence of architecture. It is only with that unique cooperation and spirit of working together that humans have created the ‘built environment” structures that define our planet.

  • Area

    54m² (581.251ft²)

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