Greenpark Residential Development, Limerick

Our starting point in the creation of a new residential community at the former Racetrack lands is a natural extension of the existing residential housing west of the South Circular Road, Castlewell, Boreen a Tobair and Greenpark Avenue to the south, with a new sequence of coherent streetscapes and character areas. The project comprises of 371 new homes made up of a mix of mainly housing, duplex own door units, apartment buildings and a nursing home co-located with a elder care residentisl facility.



The Greenpark (former racecourse) lands comprise a 47 ha strategically important urban landholding located to the south-west of Limerick City Centre. In 2020 a Masterplan was prepared to set out the develoment potential for the lands including an office campus (39,500 sq m); 778 no. residential units (including houses, duplexes and apartments); neighbourhood centre; nursing home (120 no. beds); crèche and open space provision with related car parking, ancillary services and roads infrastructure including indicative access arrangements and internal roads and pedestrian/cycle links through the site. The vision for the Masterplan is to rejuvenate and regenerate this large brownfield site and significant urban land bank, which is located within close proximity to Limerick City.


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