Kilcarbery Masterplan, Clondalkin, Co. Dublin

South Dublin Co. Council provided a local area plan in 2011 for the 15 hectare site in these open fields located adjacent Corkagh Park. The plan embodied a strong organizational concept for a new residential community with considered landscape connections to the amenity of the park.

Reddy A+U developed the project as part of a public private partnership in an invited competition. Our urban design team completed the extensive framework plan for 1,000 residential units. The masterplan, prepared for BAM, comprised a mix of high density dwelling typologies, ranging from 2 to 4 storeys.

Inspired by the potential to create a series of green “finger “connections to Corkagh Park, our vision for Kilcarbery sought to build on the rich texture of the context of hedgerows and swales of the existing lands. This ensured a continuation of the green route envisaged by SDCC and provided a strong landscape masterplan onto which our residential community precincts could develop. Our masterplan approach considered 4 main character areas for the lands, each with its own particular amenity and landscape zone at its focus.

A variety of outdoor play areas for the various age groups were then composed and framed by a series of dwelling, street and avenue typologies. Central to the areas character definition is the use of colour, texture and materials. The application to the dwellings and boundary treatments defines the wayfinding and strengthens the identity.

A new high density corner unit was developed with a mix of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units in a 4 storey massing. The additional units helped by providing additional passive security and oversight of the open spaces and created a strong urban edge to the primary central vehicular avenue and the contextual relationship with Corkagh Park.

Masterplan Document : Kilcarbery Masterplan

  • Residential Units

    circa 1,000