The Pigeon House Precinct, Dublin

In conjunction with Dublin City Council and Ronan Group Real I Estate, this competition entry explored the locations rich history in an attempt to unlock the potential of a number of protected structures and open a part of Dublin that is not currently part of the mainstream consciousness of the public.

The vision was to create a new social, cultural and gastronomic district on the outskirts of Dublin as part of a landmark development for the city with the following aims:

  • Create a unique, must-do all-year round visitor destination that would capture people’s imaginations, through a layered offer that would celebrate Ireland and all it has to offer
  • Reactivate and re-use the redundant buildings and sites to the best advantage, while retaining key features and historic value
  • Establish exemplary attractions that play a significant role in the nation’s wider cultural landscape, add to Ireland’s success in the tourism market and support ambitions to achieve national iconic status
  • Produce a sustainable business model based on a broad base of activities including cultural anchors, food and beverage and experiential retail
  • Develop attractive and engaging public realm that entices visitors to dwell and return
  • Develop an authentic, relevant and evolving identity tor the Pigeon House Generating Station through popular events and activities, which wouldwill adapt to meet the interests of visitors and encourage attract entrepreneurs to the site.
  • Area

    95,045m² GIA ( 1,023,056 ft²)

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