Urban Design and Masterplanning

The actions we take now as Urban Designers and Masterplanners will have far reaching implications for the cultural, social and economic framework that governs peoples lives for many years to come.

We take this responsibility very seriously and assume our role with a conscientious determination to seek out solutions that stabilise often competing influences. Whether these be the political or regulatory framework governing development, sources of funding, programme imperatives, the existing community or any other of the innumerable stimuli.

We use our years of experience and expertise to tease out a harmonious balance – Imagining spaces, places, street, and communities that are sustainable on every level so they may thrive long into the future, but above all that bring delight and will be enjoyed by those who inhabit them.

Understanding the importance of the spaces between buildings, their independent relationship one to another, and the interdependence between the two is fundamental to our design approach. These relationships and interactions provide the clues to affect the ‘created space’, making the ‘places’ as important as the buildings that enclose them. Reddy A+U have more than 30 years of experience and believe that the successful designs include a variety of buildings, spaces that allow for a blend of uses and tenures leading to a cohesive socio-economic environment.


Successful placemaking and the social value that stems from it seldom occurs by accident; activity, transaction and vibrancy may be spontaneous, but fundamentally it happens in beautiful spaces surrounded by handsome buildings. The thoughtfulness we employ to nurture the future success of the streets, squares, monuments, gardens, buildings, art etc. of the towns and cities we help to shape, is what we most pride ourselves on.

We are guardians of the built environment and our approach is inherently sustainable and borne around the understanding of our legacy. We work collaboratively with the relevant stakeholders bringing in the communities and creating spaces for people to inhabit and enliven. Our work is the catalyst for future generations to live and shape their communities and an understanding of the long term viability of spaces is paramount to the design process.

Reddy A+U are thought leaders in the realms of Urban design advising on policy and shaping the industry. We are members of the think tanks and deeply involved in the Academy of Urbanism that helps formulate the design direction for the future.

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