Reddy Architecture + Urbanism has design at the centre of everything we do. The group includes a strong team of professional designers who can deliver on Architecture, Interior Design, Urbanism and Masterplanning. We are committed to design and all the services that allow us to provide the best product for our clients.

We work at all scales and enjoy exploring new ideas and new technologies at all levels. We believe in what we do and we are passionate about it. Our work has won awards and plaudits both nationally and internationally and we are all proud of the projects we are a part of creating.

We are accredited to a number of professional bodies which reinforce the breadth and depth of knowledge within the team. This includes Passive House, BREEAM, BIM L2 and Conservation accreditations. We are currently looking to the future and have experts in house in all sectors and construction methodologies. We plan to grow with our clients and to help them understand the challenges of design and construction.

In Ireland we have additional expertise that helps us deliver the best products and our specialist services include BCAR, Project Management and Assigned Supervisor.

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