Eircom Fitout, Dublin 8

Interior design of a corporate headquarters for a national telecoms organisation, to consolidate 1,800 staff from 16 existing premises into one location, offering improved productivity, energy usage and property management.

The atrium street is the social hub of the building with retail units, 9 restaurants, an auditorium and multifunctional space, cash points and break out seating areas. The space also doubles up as a venue for product launches or events.

Social collision zones on the atrium bridges link floor plates on either side of the atrium. Tea stations, print rooms and recycle areas are located here.

Each floor is colour themed to aide legibility.

Ceiling consoles contain low energy lighting, reflected by the concrete slab onto work surfaces for soft even lighting levels.

A standard 1600 x 800 mm desk size is used throughout to facilitate efficient relocation. Screen heights are set at 1350 mm an appropriate height to dampen noise and provide an open environment.

  • Total Net Occupiable Area

    16,127 m² (173,589 ft²)
  • Net Internal Area per person

    8.95 m² (96 ft²)
  • Net Occupiable Area per person

    11.20 m² (120 ft²)
  • Awards

    Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) Awards 2009, Excellence, Sustainable Energy Building

    Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland (RIAI) Awards 2010, Commended, Commercial Office Building

Reddy Architecture+Urbanism @ReddyArch

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