Newmarket Masterplan, Dublin

Reddy A+U has been asked to lead the redevelopment of the Newmarket Square in the historic Liberties area of Dublin city Centre. The scheme involves a number of new projects bringing together a sense of urban cohesion while creating a space that will ultimately rejuvenate the existing working market and the wider area.

The development of the site considers the existing urban grain and the City Council’s aspirations for the rejuvenation of the space as a local hub. It will enhance the life of the area in economic, commercial and social terms. 

Scale, mass and permeability were key design drivers, along with the desire to create a vibrant mix of uses at street level. This has lead the team to develop an external landscaping environment commensurate with the varying uses and flexible to allow the market and space to develop over the forthcoming years. 

The mixed use nature of the development will actively contribute to a 24 hour economy bringing with it the enhanced streetscape, vibrant economy and long term social benefits to an area rich both in historic and cultural attractions. The development will include apartments, 3 office buildings, a 250-bed hotel and retail areas across a wide urban scaled site.

  • Site Area

    1.06 ha (2.63 acres)
  • Area

    36,725 m² (395,160 ft²)

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