Life and Careers

At Reddy A+U we look beyond the professional and into the people themselves. Often it is not the qualification that makes a team but the additional interests that create a varied and interesting character that attracts us. We value the diversity and individuality that goes with the creativity that is embodied in our staff. We strive to make work flexible around life in order to make sure people are happy as we want people to be able to produce their best work in the best environment we can provide.

Reddy A+U has a vibrant social group with a strong diverse team across all sectors and offices. We bring people together from the different offices to strengthen our ties as it is important that each individual is more than just an email address. We work through skype and other means to make sure faces are recognised and personalities come to the fore. This brings out the best in everyone and allows people to grow both inside and outside of the practice.

We work hard to make our work life balance work and where appropriate we help people to shape their work around their life as this brings out the best in them. There are a lot of activities that we do within the offices both socially and culturally. We support our team in their personal development, mentoring people in their professional development as well as charitable undertakings and provide people with the opportunities to shine within the office environment. This is exemplified by the strength and depth of the teams we have across all our offices.

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